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Refractive Surgery - LASIK & PRK

SAFE LASER EYE SURGERY USING ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY - At our cutting-edge refractive surgery facilities, we use the latest generation of laser vision correction technology. LASER Vision Correction is now safer than ever, including over 30 years of scientific data to back this incredible technology. This leading technology, combined with our reputation for safety and experience, help us to guarantee the best results possible for the vision of our many LASIK patients. Custom LASIK is also available for an even more personalized vision correction experience. Our expert surgeon trusts LASER Vision Correction so much that he performed it on his wife. Her life was instantly changed and she now has better than 20/20 vision!

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If you answer "Yes" to any of these questions then LASER Vision Correction may be for you:

  • Is your mask fogging up your glasses?
  • Are you sick of wearing your glasses?
  • Do your eyes ache from your contacts?
  • Do you want to see clearer?
  • Do you need better vision for sports?
  • Does your work have vision requirements?
  • Do you look better without glasses?

Will My Vision Be Improved Significantly?

How long does LASIK surgery take?

The procedure can take about 10 minutes per eye. The appointment itself can take up to 1.5–2 hours. Our expert team will perform pre-surgical eye tests and examinations before the actual surgery is commenced.

What Post-LASIK instructions will I be given?

We recommend that our patients avoid any vigorous physical exercise, contact sports or swimming at least 3 weeks after surgery. LASIK patients should not get behind the wheel until they are examined and cleared by one of our ophthalmologist. Patients may also consider taking some time off work until they have recovered.

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If you are tired of relying on your prescription glasses and contact lenses and have been considering undergoing LASER Vision Correction please give us a call. To schedule a complimentary assessment with the Refractive Team at NextGen Eye and experience the benefits of undergoing LASIK in Texas, contact us today at (469) 998-3554

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