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The word pterygia is Greek for "wing". Pterygia are common conditions that can dramatically impact vision. They are often associated with unprotected exposure to UV rays and dusty environments. Pterygia often cause a foreign body sensation and can also cause the eye to appear red. Patients can have episodic inflammatory bouts requiring ophthalmic care. Larger pterygia may require surgical excision.

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Risk Factors for Pterygia Development

  • UV radiation
  • Proximity to equator
  • Dry Climate
  • Outdoor lifestyle

Treatment #1 - Lubrication

Treatment #2 - Anti-Inflammatory

Pterygia are susceptible to bouts of inflammation. This inflammation cause redness and irritation of the eye. Topical medications may be required to quiet this inflammation.

Treatment #3 - Surgical

Surgical excision of the lesion can significantly improve your vision by removing the cornea growth as well as by reducing the amount of astigmatism that was caused by the pterygium.

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